The Winery

Warm summer days, long growing season and unique soil composition help us to make the best wines from the hills of Nitra Region. The winery was founded in 2011, but the very history of viniculture and wine production in our family dates back to a long time ago. In 2011 we moved from a home-based wine cellar to a cellar in Perešek. We have been tending our lands since and today we cultivate more than 17 hectares of vineyards.

Kántorov vineyard, which is our oldest, was planted in 1973 and consisted of a single grape variety – Welschriesling. In 2005 we revitalized this vineyard by adding Riesling and later Sauvignon Blanc. Nine years later, in 2014 we planted our largest vineyard – Perešek.

In 2019, we planted our youngest vineyard – Kövecses. The location of our vineyards is favorable not only for traditional varieties such as Riesling, Welschriesling and Blaufankisch, but also for Sauvignon Blanc that is well suited for cold nights during the ripening season, as well as Dunaj and Pálava, which absorb every drop of sunshine during warm sunny days. Tri Ruže came in 2012 as an idea of making a unique cuvée rosé. Eventually, this blend of three most prestigious vintage rosé wines turned into a tradition that we keep every year.

The cellar in Perešek was originally built in 1972 on the southern hillside overlooking the village Veľký Kýr. It has been our wine cellar since 2011, after it underwent the necessary renovation. This place is very close to our hearts, because it is located on the hilltop, from where it offers a spectacular view on the surrounding vineyard.

The cellar is the place, where wines are born and then mature, where the aromas and tastes define and affirm excellence. In our cellar we aspire to make wines that express the characteristics of the variety and place from which they come. Thanks to the unique location and soil composition of our vineyards, we grow high quality wine grapes with an optimal sugar-acid balance. It is always a challenge to produce both white and red wines from the same vineyard, but we are happy to say that we have succeeded. On top of that, our production has recently expanded to include some great rosé wines that enrich our unique collection.